Acoustic Revolutions Bundle by Impact Soundworks

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For as low as $79 (instead of $173) with your rewards cash, get the Acoustic Revolutions Bundle featuring an inspiring acoustic guitar loop and phrase bundle that includes Acoustic Revolutions volumes 1, 2, and 3 from Impact Soundworks!

Acoustic Revolutions Vol 1 is a highly-usable acoustic guitar loop libraries perfect for the adult contemporary genre, as well as modern pop, easy listening, soft rock and underscore.

Acoustic Revolutions Vol 2 is an inspiring collection of over 630 acoustic guitar loops with a diverse variety of tempos, keys, and time signatures. This collection is over double the size of Volume 1! Acoustic Revolutions Vol 2 is in ACIDized WAV format, no sampler required!

The latest in the seria, Acoustic Revolutions Vol 3, brings over 10x the content of the previous two Acoustic Revolutions libraries combined, giving you virtually an unlimited source of inspiration!

Originally $173, this massive guitar collection is now available for as low as $79 (with your rewards cash)! This is an amazing no-brainer offer you should not miss!

NOTE: KONTAKT 5.5 (full version – NOT player) required for Acoustic Revolutions Vol 1 and Vol 3. Acoustic Revolutions Vol 2 is in ACIDized WAV format, no sampler required!

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Acoustic Revolutions 1

This collection is great for anyone working on modern pop, AC, easy listening or soft rock productions, but it’s also a fantastic tool for TV, film, game and ad composers. We understand the need for high-quality, FLEXIBLE loops that do not require excessive trimming or mixing, as well as the need for sounds that match modern trends. If you’re looking to add the right acoustic edge to your tracks, check this one out!

Normally $25.00

Acoustic Revolutions 2

The original Acoustic Revolutions library was an unexpected success with a simple concept: a set of tightly-edited, beautifully-performed acoustic guitar loops geared toward adult contemporary musical styles. With the second volume, The ISW team expanded on the idea by over doubling the total amount of content and including more keys, tempos, and time signatures to fuel and inspire your creativity!

Normally $49.00

Acoustic Revolutions 3

This third volume also includes a brand new Kontakt instrument giving you many ways to perform, sequence, and switch between rhythms and chords seamlessly. While all loops are also provided as WAV, this playable instrument is an incredibly convenient way to musically control the huge bank of over 13,000 loops. Use chord detection or keyswitches to set up new chords, adjust playback to sync with your host…!

Normally $99.00



key Features

  • Requires 12GB disk space
  • 4GB of RAM recommended
  • Acoustic Revolutions Vol 2 is in ACIDized WAV format, no sampler required!
  • Tons of inspiring loops and phrases
  • Many tempos, keys, chords, styles
  • Clean acoustic sound
  • WAVs available for all libraries
  • KONTAKT 5.5 (full version – NOT player) required



current price $173.00 base price 79