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Pure Synth Platinum (PSP) is a software based rompler AND synthesis library that has all of the bread-and-butter samples of a traditional hardware keyboard, combined with all of the synthesis techniques available.

$199.99 Value

BASSalicious Plugin for Mac, Windows, and iPad is a dedicated synth bass plugin with a single focus on sound. All of the synthesis and filters are custom tweaked with our own personality and our urban ear.

$99.99 Value

Pure sine was a very simple concept, but yielded very incredible and useful bass, leads, and that classic urban synth stack sound that you hear on a ton of gospel and R&B remixes.

$99.99 Value

MonoFonik is a monophonic synthesizer eXpansion for Pure Synth® Platinum. What makes this synth expansion so unique is that it has absolutely no samples. It is 100% pure synthesis.

$49.99 Value


key Features

  • Synthesis and Sample Hybrid Synth
  • Total presets: 1065
    • Sampled Based Streaming Synthesis
      • 5.2GB Samples Uncompressed
      • 6,232 Multi-Samples and 328 Individual Sounds
      • Recorded at 96kHz/24-bit directly from the hardware synth output and digital sources (Professionally dithered to 44kHz-16 bit)
    • Wavetable Synthesis – 1,592 Wavetables
    • Morphtables – Morph between any wavetables (MonoFonik Only)
    • Analog Oscillator (Sine, Saw, Square, Triangle, Pulse) – Hard Sync
    • FM Oscillator – 11 FM Routing Algorithms
    • Noise Generator (Band, Blue, Brown, Lorenz, Pink, Rossler, S&H, Static, Violet, White)
    • Transient Drum Synth – Over 200 Drum Synth Presets
    • Superwave – Featuring 8 Oscillators
    • Sub Oscillator
  • 4-Oscillators with full FX, LFO, Filter, AMP, FX, and ARP controls per oscillator
  • Are Stepper mode allows you to record custom arp note intervals for easy arp creation
  • Special Oberheim Xpander filter emulations.
  • Special Ensemble effect mimics the classic Roland Dimension D Chorus.
  • Featuring over 30 high-quality effects, including UVI’s award winning SparkVerb™.
  • No iLok Dongle required

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