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Atlas Rast Sound

ATLAS has solo instruments, patterns and build up kits from 14 different music cultures including Africa to Andalous, Balkans to India, Middle East to Jakarta and more.

Normally $67.00

Rast Sound Sounds of Morocco

We designed the library to offer full usability of recorded sounds as multisample instruments, cross mixable stems/patterns, phrase composer tools and stylised sounds for Kontakt & WAV.

Normally $49.50

zapzorn solstice red

Although being from deeply traditional and authentic roots, we were most impressed and pleasantly surprised with the usability of these sounds in contemporary context and for further sound design.

Normally $44.00

big bowls

Our richest vocal library yet, this time from Southeastern Europe, it provides significantly larger and integral content with variety of sounds/tools in search of a fine user experiencial loving producer deserves.

Normally $44.00

zapzorn bottles and jugs

The Inca Empire is possibly the largest empire in the world early 16th century. Inca Spirit Vocals is Nacho Vila Sanchis’s journey to Amazonas where he worked with local tribes, dived into the tribes and their traditions.

Normally $44.00

Ceremonial Vocals

Descend into the sinister depths of madness with MEMORIES a fascinating sci-fi sound collection that genuinely brings a unique perspective in the indie science fiction framework.

Normally $44.00

Sufi Ney

According to the Sufi, the Ney instrument resembles the human experience. The reed with seven holes suffers until a breath passes through and flourishes music again.

Normally $22.00

Asian Colours

Recorded over several years in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Tibet, Japan and China. The library offers multiple male and female vocals, various solo instruments and field recordings.

Normally $54.00

Kemane String

Kemane String is a classical middle eastern instrument with felt sound and roots in Central Asia.


Normally $22.00

Anatolian Percussion

Anatolian Percussion V2 delivers on 5 core percussions of Anatolian music and culture at the center of Middle East.

Normally $22.00


An authentic world string at your fingertips, either play as an instrument or use recorded pristine performances.

Normally $28.00



key Features

  • 11 Unique Libraries from All Around the World
  • 11 GB Unzipped
  • 3750+ Samples
  • 300+ Kontakt Instruments and Presets
  • 80+ Solo Instruments and Vocals
  • All Available for Kontakt (full version) and WAV formats


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