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For just $99.99, SAMPLETRAXX proudly offers The Mother Load Bundle featuring 11 epic libraries at an amazing 83% off ($479 savings)! With a combined size of 16.5GB, over 2400 HD WAV files and 399 Kontakt instruments, this is an essential collection suitable for cinematic sound design, movie trailers, movie scores, vocals, music composition including electronic music and much more! This is a versatile powerhouse that is a must-have addition to any toolbox.. All libraries require the full retail version of Kontakt. You do not want to miss this amazing deal, hurry and save!

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Overview: Products Included

TORSION is a multi category soundpack featuring state of the art cinematic sound design. The library is packed with cinematic sound effects, tempo locked synths, stutter-stingers, tonal feedback, signature braams and hits, drops, low end whooshes, vocals, riser, reverse and pass by.

$69 Value

For OLD BROKEN PIANO rather unconventional approaches were used to „play“ the piano: Not a single key was touched! It was performed using a violin bow, various mallets and sticks, kitchen utensils, sticky tape and bare hands. The casing of the piano was partly taken apart to get direct access  …

$69 Value

A modern collection of 110+ cinematic WHOOSH sound effects aimed at full-range theatre audio asset and available in WAV and Kontakt format. Whether you work in sound design, as a composer or trailer editor WOOSH is a perfect toolbox to create movement, whooshes, ….

$35 Value

Harmonics is a collection of mysterious soundscapes, textures, atonal and microtonal elements, deep evolving drones made out from a wide range of resonating metals and pure harmonic tones.

$49 Value

Braams is a collection of 130 sounds of dramatic low-end musical tones, distant horns, massive low brass, bass morph and low key sound effects which doesn’t yet have a name.

$49 Value

280+ samples and 10 categories from genre bender impact and hits, sinister tonal material, dark stingers, intricate glitched atmospheres and designed metal textures.

$49 Value

Sci-fi soundpack designed for the modern trailer and soundtrack composers featuring a vast array of hi-tech hits/impacts and stingers, sophisticated transition and passbys, visceral stutters, risers and a strong off center sonic signature aimed at the most demanding trailer editors, sound designers and music composers.

$49 Value

220 sound effects ranging from eerie stingers, bowed fx, drones and reverse made out from one Zither
Ideal in horror, sci-fi, thrillers soundtrack to create a sense of urgency and unease in film score or trailer as well as raw material to any contemporary music production.

$39 Value

Dense and suspenseful vocal textures, vocal scapes and abstract melodies, STIGMA is a modern sound pack and kontakt instrument aiming at creation of vocal atmospheres and cinematic background for sound design, soundtrack and electronic music projects.

$49 Value

Dark Cutting Edge Sound Design, Cinematic Percussive Elements, Trailer Hits, One Shot Tones for the modern trailers, soundtrack, sound design and electronic music.

$39 Value

Choral Pads, Custom Melodies, Vocal Textures, Designed Opera, Liturgical Choirs, Modern Shout and Vocalisations all recorded in studio and in a large theatre.

$39 Value


key Features

  • 16.5GB+ disk space required
  • 4,400+ HD WAV  included
  • 399 Kontakt Instruments
  • Dedicated Kontakt GUI via Photosynthesis Engine
  • Embedded Metadata
  • Requires full retail version of Kontakt


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