Audio Production Mistakes to Avoid by Ask Audio


You can learn from trial and error, or you can learn from the school of hard-won experience. These time-tested and proven techniques will help you avoid common mistakes that amateur and intermediate music producers often make. Jump start your recording, arranging, editing, mixing and mastering skills to the pro level and save your time and reputation in the process!

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Distortion and saturation, when misused or poorly executed, can ruin a production just as easily as they can warm it up! That’s what inspired Joe Albano to create this course!

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Recording vocals is hard because there are so many chances to make HUGE mistakes! This is why it’s a great topic for our popular Audio Mistakes series!

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When you insert a plugin into your DAW, that insertion is actually a connection. That’s signal flow. Making poor connections can destroy an otherwise great track.

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Did you know that an inferior studio setup can ruin the sound of your tracks? It’s true. Luckily, Joe Albano is here to show you what NOT to do when setting up your room.

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Panning is a technique that, when messed up, can ruin an otherwise healthy mix. Don’t fret! Joe Albano is here to explain what NOT to do when when setting up your audio panorama.

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WARNING: Mastering mistakes can wreck a track! Luckily, Joe Albano is here to explain what NOT to do when you master your tracks. Grow! Learn! Make mistakes! Or, better yet…

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Discover all kinds of time-based reverb, echo and chorusing faux pas to avoid in this blunder-ridden course by audio expert Joe Albano! Grow! Learn! Make Mistakes! Or, better yet…

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“Mistakes are your best teachers.” This course examines 10 common EQ mistakes and shows you how to fix them. Let US make the mistakes so YOU don’t have to! There’s no better way to learn!

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“Every mistake is an opportunity to learn.” This course addresses 10 common compression mistakes and shows you how to correct them. Let US make the mistakes so YOU don’t have to!

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