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soundiron horror collection

Soundiron Horror Collection

Soundiron Horror Sound Effects Library Collection The Soundiron Horror Collection features a variety of great horror inspired instruments. This collection spans from SFX, Foley Design, creature and survivor voice acting, as well as musical instruments and percussion. If you're making horror music or SFX for movies, TV shows, games, or... Read More »
chocolate audio raw bundle

Uproar Guitar Choco-Matic Review

Uproar Guitar Review Hello, this is Jon again with another Audio Plugin Deals review. Today I'm talking about Uproar Raw and it's two expansion packs. The Uproar Guitar is a playable baritone 8 string with a massive nu-metal tone. From palm mutes to power chords to 5th chords, you can... Read More »
how to train your evolution dragon

How to Train Your Evolution: Dragon

Hi, Jon here with Audio Plugin Deals. I hope you enjoy my inaugural software review! My first assignment was Keepforest’s Evolution: Dragon. Anyone looking for cinematic sounds will be impressed with this bombastic library. Because this library is simply epic. Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! Keepforest’s… Read More »