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composing game soundtracks

Composing for Game Soundtracks

Hey guys, Jon here again with Audio Plugin Deals. This article I'm gonna be covering something very close and dear to me...composing game soundtracks. What experience do you have? Well, I've actually composed the entire soundtrack to three indie games since last October. Northbury Grove, King's Comfort, and Cultists &... Read More »

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boom library guns

Take a Shot with Boom Gun SFX

Take a Shot with Boom Gun SFX Hey guys, Jon here again with Audio Plugin Deals. Today I'm checking out another Boom library - namely, their gun SFX. Boom took the time to deep sample 17 different instruments. Not only will you get single shots, shot sequences, and bursts, you'll also... Read More »
waterharp 2 and thunder springs

Cinematic Awesomeness: Waterharp 2 & Thunder Springs

Cinematic Awesomeness: Waterharp 2 and Thunder Springs Hey guys. Jon here again with Audio Plugin Deals. With this review I'm going to be checking out the cinematic awesomeness that is Waterharp 2 & Thunder Springs, from Sample Logic! Looking to make truly epic, spellbinding music? Then you're in luck with... Read More »

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boom library cinematic horror

The Horror! The Cinematic Horror! BOOM Library

The Horror! The Cinematic Horror! Hey guys. Jon here yet again. I'm going to be checking out another horror collection for this review. Boom Library strikes fear into hearts with their impressive Cinematic Horror library! This collection of sounds features the skilled ear of Richard Adrian, who has credits that... Read More »
collision fx soundyeti

Unleash the Beast | Sound Yeti Collision FX

Sound Yeti Collision FX Hey guys, it's Jon again with another synth review. Sound Yeti offers up quite the beast of a synth with the Collision FX.  Sound Yeti Collision FX has truly massive tones. The first preset I fired up immediately immersed me into a world of whirring drones... Read More »

Over Deserts with Koron Iranian Instruments

Koron Iranian Instruments Hey guys. It's Jon, back with another review for Audio Plugin Deals! I've been busy checking out a library from Impact Soundworks. Composers will likely have as much fun with the Koron Iranian instruments as I did! As a result of my various composing ventures, I am... Read More »
pure synth

Pure Groove With Pure Synth Platinum 2

Gospel Musicians: Pure Synth Platinum 2 Pure Synth Platinum 2 is a great software synthesizer. It is made by Gospel Musicians. Pure Synth comes packed with many tones. Pure Synth Platinum (PSP) is a software based ROMpler. The PSP combines synthesis techniques available from both digital AND analog synths. Grab... Read More »
audiomodern abuser

Audiomodern Abuser

Audiomodern Abuser Audiomodern Abuser is another great addition to the Audiomodern catalog. Audiomodern synths all share a very signature sound. Their synths an this excellent glitched out, dark, gritty, modern vibe. In this audio plugin review I'll take a look at Audiomodern Abuser. In the making of this synth, analog... Read More »
retro gadgets bundle

Retro Gadgets Bundle from Precisionsound

In this Audio Plugin Deals review I'll be checking out the Retro Gadgets Bundle. This bundle from PRECISIONSOUND offers toy keyboards, speak and spell like devices, and more. Users who snag the deal will get four instruments to work with! The Gadgets Users who purchase the bundle will receive four... Read More »

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soundiron horror collection

Soundiron Horror Collection

Soundiron Horror Sound Effects Library Collection The Soundiron Horror Collection features a variety of great horror inspired instruments. This collection spans from SFX, Foley Design, creature and survivor voice acting, as well as musical instruments and percussion. If you're making horror music or SFX for movies, TV shows, games, or... Read More »