Back to The Club Bundle by UEBERSCHALL

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For as low as $319 (instead of $649) with your rewards cash, get the UEBERSCHALL BACK TO THE CLUB BUNDLE featuring House, Dance, Techno Disco, and everything you need to get the dance floor shaking!

Weighing in at a massive 19.5GB with over 3600 loops and 60+ Construction kits, this high-quality content is full of inspiring ideas. 

Powered by the modern Elastik loop player, these samples can fit into any project or form the base of a new production with ease.

Originally valued at $649, this must-have bundle is now available for just $319 with your rewards cash for a limited time only! This is an amazing no-brainer offer you should not miss!

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Overview: Products Included

19.5 GB, 67 Construction Kits, 3667 Loops & Samples – NO KONTAKT OR EXPENSIVE PLAYER REQUIRED!


2.9 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 565 Loops & Phrases
If you need feel-good party music, and you need it now, PopUp! delivers in an instant. With 10 huge constructions kits all recorded at original dance-friendly tempos between 118 and 128 BPM, just add your own vocals or instrument lead lines and you have everything you need for your next dance hit. With infectious bass grooves, modern sounds, and just the right amount of disco vibe, PopUp! will get everyone dancing.

Normally $117.00

Disco Tape

3.2 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 601 Loops & Phrases
Disco Tape delivers the classic vibe of pure disco but with the sonic clarity of cutting-edge production and recording standards; this is disco music for the modern dance floor.  With infectious drum grooves, smooth bass lines, rich synth sounds and funky guitar rhythms, DiscoTape delivers nothing but good times. And while the music is 100% disco, and the sounds are perfect for the genre, the sound choices and production are right up-to-date.

Normally $117.00


3.6 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 783 Loops & Samples
With a cool House vibe, spiced with the taste of feel-good Disco, Beach House lets you create the perfect musical mood of a summer beach party. With 10 authentic and chilled house music construction kits, Beach House is packed with good-time tunes that are ideal for that mellow and sophisticated summer party atmosphere.

Normally $117.00

New Wave

2.7 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 470 Loops & Samples
African music is built around infectious grooves and rhythms designed specifically to dance to. With African Dance – part of our growing African Series of Elastik titles – we have captured a collection of those grooves and expertly blended them with elements of contemporary dance music production. Across 10 fully-featured construction hits, African Dance provides all you need for that perfect cross-over dance track that offers something wild, primal and distinctive.

Normally $58.00


4.6 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 653 Loops & Samples
The traditional rhythms of African music are infectious and hypnotic. Blended with the sounds of modern House music, they make for an irresistible combination. With 10 fully-featured construction hits, African House captures that blend in perfect combination. For modern dance tunes, but with the distinct sound of African rhythms, African House runs wild with creativity.

Normally $117.00


1.2 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 299 Loops & Samples
Harder than House, groovier than Techno. Tech House melts the best elements of two styles. Beyond Tech House is an explosive laboratory for your latest grooves. This library‘s sound convinces by its extreme compactness, punchy and deep basses and powerful drums – really PHAT! In addition, the right mixture of minimal chords, wicked percussions, larger-than-life pads and experimental FX-sounds guarantees a cool atmosphere for your tunes.

Normally $58.00

nothern tehcno

1.38 GB, 7 Construction Kits, 296 Loops & Samples
Northern Techno brings the sounds of cutting-edge Swedish electronic music to your own remixing suite. Influenced by the artists and releases from the DrumCode label, this collection delivers a compact, construction kit based, Elastik sample library with all the content needed to inspire your next underground dancefloor hit. Northern Techno is packed with powerful, dark, driving material, designed for creating tunes that are powerful and relentless.

Normally $58.00


Ueberschall‘s Elastik player is the perfect tool, where fast and efficient work is needed – be it for work under time pressure or simply to avoid interruptions of the creative workflow.

By using its high quality and fast zplane algorithms, all loops can be adapted in tempo and pitch to every track. In addition, all loops of all installed Elastik libraries can be easily searched for, using a shared attribute-based browser.

This allows easy combining of loops between different construction kits or libraries. Moreover, the loops can efficiently be modified using functions such as Resample, Formant, Reverse or a multi mode filter – from discreet or heavily alienated.

elastic interface



key Features

  • Includes 7 full products: Pop Up!, Disco Tape, Beach House, African Dance, African House, Beyond Tech House and Northern Techno.
  • Total of 19.5 GB, 67 Construction Kits, 3667 Loops & Samples
  • Combined value of €543, available for $99, nearly 85% off!
  • Styles: House, Dance, Techno and Disco, everything to get the dance floor shaking
  • Everything played by professional musicians and recorded with top-notch equipment
  • Requires the free Elastik player, no other expensive software required


retail price 649
current price $319.00