4 ways to make a chorus huge

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In this video we’ll be looking at a few ways to make your choruses pop and grab attention. Do subscribe for more videos like this and ring the bell to keep up to date with our notifications and deals. 

For huge impact, firstly think about contrast between verse and chorus. Consider your use of instrumentation, thinning things out during verses and bringing in more elements for the chorus. One more tip; Erase your bassline and kick for a duration of one bar before the chorus hits.

Try automating the volume of your chorus so it’s 1 to 2 dB louder than the verses. If you’re mixing into a master limiter the effect will be subtle but effective.

Add sheen during the chorus by introducing high frequency elements. Additional shakers or tambourine work well, as does dialing up the saturation of your bassline and guitars. 

Increase the stereo widening on certain tracks during the chorus, or pan double-tracked guitars and vocals more widely left and right to make that chorus stand out. 

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