Authentic analog emulation on a budget with WavDSP

Hi all, today I wanted to talk a bit about these hidden gems from WavDSP included in our Analog Creator Series deal we’re currently running. A while back, I really never had an interest in mixing or mastering plugins, so I can understand if some you reading this share that mindset. Sometimes we get hyper-focused with finding the perfect melodies and chords, or learning music theory, or hunting for the perfect sample library or synth plugin, that we often overlook the crucial final steps in achieving the ultimate sound we hear in our heads, which is the mixing and mastering stage. Granted, it’s not nearly as fun as writing melodies and crafting sounds, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Stock plugins are great, but sometimes we need a little bit… extra!

Lately I’ve really fallen in love with “coloring” plugins (as opposed to transparent or clinical/surgical EQ and restoration tools), like vintage style EQs, compressors, limiters, saturation, and the like. I find that they can very often enhance a sound in such subtle ways that may seem unnoticeable at first, but then when you add everything together, the final result is more lively, rich, dynamic, and just flat out sounds better.

Enter the WavDSP Analog Creator bundle. Now, there’s a reason that old school hardware like mixing consoles, compressors, EQs and saturation modules are still highly sought after, even in todays digital world… they simply have a magical, warm, analog touch that sounds incredible and rich. However, they can be absurdly expensive, cumbersome to implement into a DAW, and also quite rare to find. I was highly impressed with the sounds I coaxed out of the Analog Creator bundle, I found myself actually a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed the results.

There are five different plugins to choose from, each emulating a classic piece of analog gear, and each with color and enhance your sound in varying ways. Each of them sounds amazing, and the variety and range you get with this bundle is impressive. I’ve compiled this list of the actual hardware each plugin emulates, along with the price to get the real deal.

API 512c Single Channel Preamp – approx. $850.25 for the hardware.
Neve 1073 – approx. $995-$5,000+ for the hardware.
Neve 34128 – approx. $725-$1500 for the hardware.

You can also give this bundle a spin with a free demo to see how you like it. I guarantee it will add liveliness, richness, and character to any sound, no matter how sterile and flat it sounds. Check it out today!

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3 months ago

If you’re new to this, then you must consider looking into Analog Obsession.

Absolutely incredible emulations for free, or whatever you can donate.

Last edited 3 months ago by karmoon
Greg Savage
3 months ago
Reply to  karmoon

They have a few plugins I really like, I do wish their upgrading process was better though. Sometimes the settings don’t stick and the sound changes without warning (not always for the better).

But it’s FREE!!

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