Channel Robot Modernist Freebies – Kalimba & Glockenspiel

The Modernist Collection: Kalimba and Glockenspiel


Take advantage of this limited time offer! We’re giving away two plugins from Channel Robot, the Modernist Glockenspiel and the Modernist Kalimba!

These plugins are perfect for composers or producers who need a variety of tuned percussion/mallet instruments, as they include multiple playing styles for each instrument, as they sampled the instrument played with regular mallets, felt mallets, brushes, etc. You can simply pan them accordingly and add a hall reverb to get pristine tuned percussion for orchestral music.

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They also offer lots of sound design possibilities, with some great presets included, and a myriad of controls built into the plugin, offering multiple room/reverb options, controls for warmth and colour, as well as a randomization feature and humanize option for a more realistic performance.

These are standalone VST plugins, so no Kontakt required! Just download, install, authorize, and get creating!


palette bundle by red room audio
waterharp 2 and thunder springs bundle by sample logic

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