Checking Out the Ethnic Bundle from New Nation!

New Nation Ethnic Bundle

This bundle features 3 plug-ins, 8 midi packs and a few extra bonus items; all for a fantastic price!

  • Mandolele – Mandolin & Ukulele – With a combo of mandolin and ukulele you can create some lovely tones using the built-in effects (filters, waves, reverb, delay) and 4 separate tracks that can be soloed or combined to create your own presets. The interface is also very bright and appealing; with plenty of built-in presets to get you started.
  • Albanju – Middle Eastern Banjo – Some lovely presets here and New Nation has kept the interface layout the same; also contains 4 separate banjo tracks to adjust to your requirements.
  • Apache Native American Flute – I found this to have some haunting tones, the reverb really creates a fantastic atmosphere and presets give plenty of variety to ensure it fits your project.
  • 8 Midi packs – Mai Tai MIDI features piano, synths, Rhodes, keyboards and more; with the WAV files labeled by BPM and key for ease of use; and can be dropped right into your DAW. There are also MIDI files of the WAVS in case you wish to change the instrument or alter the melody.
  • Bonus Items – New Nation has given you a $25 gift card (if you spend $30 at checkout) and a bonus midi pack featuring Bass and Drum one-shots; plus a construction kit to play with.

Get the bundle now before it’s too late here


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