Checking Out Phrasebox by Venomode!

Phrasebox by Venomode

Phrasebox is a phrase arpeggiator on steroids! There is so many functions to alter and create new patterns for your track. It provides layered melodies that aren’t limited in timing or length compared to traditional step arpeggiators.

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Some of the key features that really highlight this plugin are:

  • Piano roll – This allows you to write new patterns with added features or “special notes” such as having random notes, loud or quiet notes.
  • Lock to key – This clever feature ensures when you activate “random notes” you can ensure they stay in the correct key (which there are a lot of options to choose from!)
  • Randomiser – this button creates a whole piano roll of patterns for you at the click of your mouse! It also has options of what is randomised, from simply the velocity, transposing or even just the pattern.
  • DAW-like controller – The amount of tweaks that can be done in the plugin really feels like editing in Cubase; note velocity, length, timings and chance of notes playing!

Once again, I am caught up in the variety and endless combinations that can be created with this; if you are struggling for new ideas; this will for sure provide inspiration to decorate projects!

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