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pripyat pianos

Pripyat Pianos takes you deep into the heart of a place few human beings would dare to venture: into the heart of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the very site of the worst nuclear disaster in the history of the world.

Capturing pianos recorded in these haunting spaces, Strix Audio brings you a library that is teeming with atmosphere and character, and truly gave me chills knowing that what I’m hearing was captured in one of the creepiest places on the planet.

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The library features multiple snapshots and convolutions captured in various locations in the Exclusion Zone. The team behind this library truly risked their safety and well being, and quite possibly their lives, by venturing into an alien and irradiated wasteland to capture the sounds of ground zero, and the effects that nature and radiation have on the sound of instruments. A truly epic and breathtaking venture, it has produced one of the most impressive and unique sample libraries I’ve ever heard.

Each sample is just dripping with tension and atmosphere, a haunting loneliness that truly sends chills down your spine. You can choose between multiple mic positions, swap out different convolutions for a different character and overall sound, and adjust the “age knob” which reproduces the effects of years of wear and radiation on the instruments and gives it a more creepy, detuned character.


This is the ultimate piano and sound design library for scoring tense, atmospheric projects. They truly captured something amazing with this library, and the samples speak for themselves. This is not for the purists out there, this is a raw, gritty, and untamed library that seems tailor made for modern horror and tense thrillers.

Do NOT miss the chance to grab Pripyat Pianos at a true no-brainer price!

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-Brian Freeland, APD


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