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In this video I’ll be looking at some of the more unusual techniques producers use to check their mixes. Do subscribe for more videos like this and ring the bell to keep up to date with our notifications and deals.

Your DAW allows you to visualize music really effectively, but that often means that we mix with our eyes, rather than our ears. The solution is to turn off your screen or close your eyes whilst you listen back to your mix. Without visual cues you may find that you pick up on mixing issues you never spotted before.

You’ve got to try your mix out on as many different playback systems as possible. So send it to your phone and test it with your crappiest headphones. Or go for a drive and try your mix out in the car. You’ll soon hear if there are any obvious problems.

Back in the studio there are still more things to try. Listen very loudly and very quietly, to see if any parts are swamped or poke out too much. Try walking out of the room and listening from a distance away – you’ll soon spot if something doesn’t sound quite right.

Tell us in the comments if you’d tried out any of these techniques in pursuit of the perfect mix, or maybe you have some crazy ideas of your own? For more tips and tricks don’t forget to subscribe and be sure to ring the bell to get notifications – thanks for watching.

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Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
4 months ago

I started my pro audio career twenty years before there were DAWs. We edited with a grease pencil, a splicing block, and splicing tape, not with a cursor on the waveform view. The ONLY way we recorded, edited, and mixed was by LISTENING. Now I edit digitally, with the visuals, but a perfect splice doesn’t necessarily make for a good edit. The only proper judge is the ear. When it comes to listening to mixes I still rely on a technique I started using way back when, and it hasn’t failed me yet. I get up out of my chair in the sweet spot and go… Read more »

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