Get inspiration from around the globe with Sample Logic’s World AI!

Today I wanted to talk a bit about the newest release from Sample Logic, World AI. (Note: this does require the full version of Kontakt). If you remember a while back, Sample Logic released Symphonic AI in collaboration with the folks over at Red Room Audio (which you may be familiar with from our previous deals on their amazing Palette Symphonic libraries). That library took the familiar Sample Logic approach to a new level with an all-new sample set of great orchestral and symphonic instruments and ensembles.

World AI takes a similar approach, but this time we’ve got lots of organic world and ethnic instruments to choose from as far as the samples are concerned, as opposed to the orchestral flavors of Symphonic AI. You can use these instruments in a huge variety of ways, and a good way to hear what it can do is to load up a preset and play a key or chord. Each preset will be made up of four cores, or sound sources, each of which can be programmed with a variety of sequenced effects, patterns, arpeggios, and more. This is a very rhythmic library, but you can also use it to play pads, keys, leads, etc.

I use libraries like this to add a nice foundation or underscore to any genre of music, and this one, in particular, will be very useful for scoring video games, documentaries, and ads that may call for a more organic, worldly sound without sounding too sterile- the modern electronic feel of the rhythmic presets will help your music sound cutting edge, but the organic sound sources will lend some weight and add realism instead of just using generic synths and pads.

There are already a ton of videos out that cover the presets and features of this library, so I really wanted to kind of showcase the samples that are included, and just cover the basics of the engine and listen to some presets.

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