Get weird with Obscurium from Sugar Bytes!

This is more than a plugin, it’s a sound design playground, capable of producing other-worldy soundscapes in the blink of an eye, and it can host ANY of your favorite plugins! That’s right, the possibilities are truly endless when you use Obscurium as a host for all of your favorite synths, sample libraries, and more.

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OBSCURIUM is an incredibly powerful and deep plugin that aims to make sound design quick and fun, while still being complex enough to satisfy even the most seasoned synth veterans. At it’s heart, Obscurium is a synthesis tool for controlling sound and pitch, using the chords and scales you input to create evolving, futuristic soundscapes and rich harmonics. The colorful visual feedback allows you to see, in real time, all of your automation, and you can draw new automation parameters as you see fit. There are many automation parameters to choose from, and they’re also assignable, letting you map the parameters of any third party plugin to be controlled directly by Obscurium, opening a new door and unlocking ultimate creativity for your tracks.

OBSCURIUM does feature an 8 voice synthesizer to produce new tones, all contained within the plugin itself, and a ton of amazing presets to choose from as a starting point, as well as allowing you to use Obscurium as a host for any of your favorite synths and samples, so this will definitely be an essential tool for sound designers as well as producers and  composers for film, video games, TV, and more. Check it out today and don’t miss out on the savings from Sugar Bytes!


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