Introducing the Riffendium Bundle by Audiofier!

riffendium bundle

The Riffendium bundle is a collection of three separate libraries – Riffendium 1, 2, and 3. Each library is a phrase, or loop based, guitar performance library. Each volume in the Riffendium series focuses on slightly different styles and sounds, from classic/blues rock, modern metal and prog, and ambient/cinematic styles. The bundle is packed with 15gb of sample content, and runs in the full version of Kontakt.

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Audiofier always delivers unique and innovative products, and in that aspect, Riffendium delivers. The variety of genres you can cover with this bundle is impressive, and not only did they meticulously sample each phrase in each possible key (as opposed to transposing any of the material), they recorded each loop in slices. What this means, is you can truly alter the sequence in a variety of ways, without it sounding disconnected. I know some artists and composers may be turned off as soon as they hear the term “phrase based”, but Riffendium offers deep options to go into each pre-recorded phrase, and swap out sections on the fly. For instance, if you have a phrase with just a steady 4/4 strumming pattern of chords, you can hit “Edit Sequence”, and add in palm mutes, rests and pauses, various notes to create a melody, and hammer-ons and pull-offs to add spice and variety to the phrase. The end result is a phrase that sounds professionally recorded and performed, but is your own.

The amount of content is vast, from offering both “wet” guitar signals recorded thru amplifiers and effects, and a separate Kontakt instrument just for the DI (Direct Input), which will give you just the dry, clean signal. This allows you to add your own favorite plugins and effects to the samples. In addition to that, there is an entire Kontakt instrument containing the same content, just in reverse, for added fun and experimentation with the samples. The variety is present not only in the genres covered, but in the guitars used to record the samples, ranging from classic Fender models such as the Tele and Strat, a jazzy semi-hollow body, the iconic Gibson Les Paul and SG, all the way to current trendsetters such as dual humbucker 7 string guitars for a heavier, thicker low end and modern down-tuned metal riffs.

I feel you can loosely categorize each volume like so:
Riffendium 1 focuses more on that classic, overdriven rock and blues sounds.
Riffendium 2 goes into heavier territory by including progressive metal/djent riffs and 7 string guitars.

Riffendium 3 offers a beautiful, ambient, and often cinematic sound with lush reverbs and delays.

I was able to use Vol 1 and 2 to create backing tracks for both rock and metal music very quickly, as well as using Vol 3 as a foundation for a more cinematic/action type cue. All done within a matter of minutes with the help of these libraries. Trust me, for composers who need to meet deadlines, the Riffendium bundle is a godsend for professional guitar tones, ready to use in almost any genre. Check out the video for an exploration of the features and how you can use this library in context!

-Brian Freeland, APD


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Robert Jason
Robert Jason
1 year ago

A terrific demonstration of a VERY cool piece of software!

Robert Jason
Robert Jason
1 year ago

A terrific demo vid of a VERY cool piece of software! Good job.

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