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In this video, we’ll be looking at Kontakt 7’s fantasy features. Do subscribe for more videos like this and ring the bell to keep up to date with our notifications and deals.

It’s been a while coming, but with Kontakt 7 finally on the horizon, now’s the time to put together our most requested feature list for the long-overdue update.

With monitors getting larger and resolutions more detailed, one of the most essential overhauls should be to the graphics of Kontakt 7. We need a scalable interface with options for zoomed text and images. Anything to save squinting at tiny interfaces that only fill a fraction of our screen.

Native Access has been the default way to download and install Kontakt libraries for years now. However, we’re expecting some kind of on-board integration within Kontakt 7, so there’ll be no need to keep hopping in and out of Kontakt to install new libraries.

Speaking of new toys, let’s have a proper way to audition libraries before committing to buying them. It should be possible to play in demo mode in Kontakt 7, so you can try things out before purchasing.

For those who like to create their own libraries, let’s see a more streamlined creation system, with easy drag and drop modules for interfaces and scripting. Ableton got this right years ago with Max For Live, so Native Instruments could pick up a few tips from them.

And wouldn’t it be cool if there was some marketplace or site where clever Kontakt creators could distribute and sell their own bespoke products? This would make Kontakt a true community platform for musicians.

Lastly, we’d love to see proper integration for NKS and Komplete Kontrol functions. The current wrap-around workflow for Komplete Kontrol hardware is pretty clunky, so proper support within Kontakt would be amazing.

What do you love and hate about Kontakt, and what would you like to see improved in a new version? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe. Be sure to ring the bell to get notifications – thanks for watching.

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Steven Cravis
Steven Cravis
1 month ago

I wish, in Logic, that there was this option: loading an nki could auto fill its patch name in the track header. Other players do this. Why not Kontakt?

1 month ago

should have a simple way to make individual outputs for drums this way it has now is ridiculous in my mind

Sean Gilbert
Sean Gilbert
1 month ago

Something cool to bring kontakt to 2022, is something like noteperformer for kontakt. Where you just feed it midi info and kontakt will use AI to do midiCC humanization. There has been a lot of products doing this, so it doesn’t seem impossible

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