In this video I’ll be explaining the difference between sample libraries that are made for Kontakt and those made for Kontakt Player – so do subscribe for more videos like this and ring the bell to keep up to date with our notifications.

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The first thing to know: Native Instruments Kontakt sample player comes in two versions… the free Kontakt Player, and Kontakt – sometimes referred to as Kontakt Full or Kontakt Retail.

Kontakt Player is free – just go to the Native Instruments website to download it. Kontakt Full is not free – you need to buy this as a standalone product from Native Instruments. Every sample library designed for Kontakt will run in Kontakt Full – but only some libraries will run in Kontakt Player.

So why the difference? Why doesn’t every developer make all of their sample libraries available for the free Kontakt player? It’s because developers who opt for this Kontakt player format must pay a licensing fee to Native Instruments and commit to purchasing a certain number of licenses.

As a result, Kontakt Player libraries are often sold by larger, more established developers and they are a little higher priced than other libraries which use the full version of Kontakt. What this means for you is that you need to be careful before you buy a sample library.

Check the technical specifications and make sure that if you only have Kontakt player, then the library is compatible with the player. Look for graphics like THESE on the product page – they’ll tell you if you need the full, paid version of Kontakt – or if you can just use the free player. For more tips and tricks don’t forget to subscribe and be sure to ring the bell to get notifications – thanks for watching.

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AcidBox by Audio Blast
SLAM2 (VST3, AU, AAX) by Beatskillz
Strings & Brass Boutique by Rast Sound
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Doug S.
Doug S.
1 month ago

Please let us know in June if there is a sale that includes a discount off the crossgrade. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get Kontakt for a while. First I had to sort through the Player vs Full and the difference in libraries that will run. I uninstalled the Player because nothing I wanted to use was available to it but I have a bunch of libraries in mind to buy once I get the full version. So far they haven’t been important enough to pay the Full version toll 🙂

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