MAD RocknFunk… your all-in-one drum solution!

What is it?

The MAD RocknFunk drum bundle from Handheld Sound is a cutting-edge, super-detailed collection of three separate libraries (for Kontakt FULL Version 5.5 or higher), each with its own character and sound. While, as the name implies, this collection does try to capture the classic drum sounds featured in countless rock and funk recordings, these drum samples are timeless and can be used in practically any genre you can imagine.

What’s included?

You get three separate kits:
MAD Red: This kit includes smaller than usual Toms and Kick drum giving the kit a very punchy and resonant sound. It works best with Funk and Indie Rock music styles.
– MAD White: Dark and heavier tone. Recorded in an isolation booth for a tight and vibey sound.
MAD Blue: Features an open and detailed sound with lots of separation.
Recorded in a Scoring Room and includes various sets of room mic configurations.

What makes it special?

Each kit has been meticulously sampled with an extended dynamic range – from the softest brush to the loudest snare, no (s)tone is left unturned. The scripting engine also features legato snare grace notes, auto-choke, note overlap prevention, and 6 degrees of open-to-closed hi-hat modulation. The result? Unprecedented detail and realism in every track.

Add to that a dedicated groove engine, extensive mixing options (including some amazing-sounding curated mix presets!), and comprehensive microphone bleed control, and you get one of the best sounding drum libraries on the market, regardless of genre.

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