Get all your favorite acoustic instruments in one massive bundle!

Today we’re going to talk a bit about the 6 different instruments available in our current bundle from Muze (for Kontakt FULL). Yes, this package is huge and takes up a lot of space on your hard drive, BUT, you can of course only download and install the instruments that you need the most. If you are a singer/songwriter in need of some deeply sampled pianos (up to 10 mic positions!) or an orchestral composer in need of a harp or celeste, this bundle has all that… even a classic upright bass for the jazz and big band connoisseurs!

There are three separate piano libraries included, each one sampling a different piano and offering a totally unique flavor compared to the others.
Demeter is a Bluthner upright piano, Perseus is a beautiful Steinway B piano, and Triton is a Bluthner Model B grand. The pianos here have been captured with up to 10 mic positions, so they’ll easily blend into your track no matter the context. If you want a more up-close studio sound, try the close mics and some of the room blended in. If you prefer them to fit into an orchestral setting, try to disable the close mics and have just the room, or mix in the wides for more space. If you want a more warm, vintage sound, take advantage of the vintage ribbon mics available to shape the sound however you see fit.

Next, we have a Yamaha celeste (or celesta), which is one of my favorite instruments. If you have never heard of this instrument, think of Hedwigs Theme by John Williams from Harry Potter… that magical, sparkling, twinkling chime instrument that adds a beautiful touch to any composition. Again, we have a multitude of microphone mixes available to tailor the sound for any application.

The concert harp rounds out the package with another classic orchestral instrument that is vital for modern and classical film scores and compositions alike, and of course, sits well within concert music and studio recordings as well.

Finally, we have the upright bass, which will add that perfect swing to a wide variety of musical genres, though it feels most at home in jazz, big band, swing, and more contemporary styles like that.

All of these libraries come with a powerful layering tool called the hybridizer, which allows you to stack sound sources and create new instruments with ease. For instance, you can layer in electric pianos, harpsichords, mallets, guitars, and create new sounds instantly. Add on top of that the powerful effects sections, and the new panorama surround/stereo mixing tool, and you’ve got a can’t-miss bundle for contemporary songwriters, orchestral composers, electronic music producers, and more.

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