One bundle to rule them all – add life to your mix with the Rule-Tec All Collection!

Rule Tec All Collection by NoiseAsh

This essential EQ/mastering bundle from NoiseAsh will give you legendary hardware tone in a software package! Included are the Rule Tec EQ1A, EQ5M, and the Heritage Pro.

The EQ1A is a classic all-around mixing and mastering equalizer, with legendary analog tone and features, with adjustable boost, gain, and a selector for which high and low frequencies to apply the boost. Simple and effective!

The EQ5M is a classic mid-range mixing and mastering equalizer, focusing on your mid range frequencies with more precision than the EQ1A, and also with the FC3 filter added for high and low frequency filters.

The Heritage Pro combines all three in one unit… the EQ1A, the EQ3M, and the FC3 filter on top.

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Each plugin is beautifully modeled after the classic, legendary studio units of the past, and include a variety of instrument specific presets, including some amazing mastering presets as well. Even if you have the EQ’s set to flat, they will add just a touch of tube saturation to your audio, which adds life, warmth and character.

Whether you want to add life to vocals and drums, tame harsh high frequencies of guitars, boost your mids on  to add depth, these plugins are guaranteed to impress with their simple interface and incredible tone and features. Don’t miss out!


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