All-in-one creative effects with the NoiseAsh Palmary Collection!

If you tune into our live-streams, some of you may know how much I love the NoiseAsh Action Delay. We’ve done a few deals with their plugins, most notably the Action Delay, Action Filter, and Action Phaser. They were big hits and I personally use the “Action” series of plugins all the time for some really inspiring and creative audio manipulation in my tracks. Anyone who watches the live-streams can attest to that, as the delay is my go-to for fun and creative presets and instant satisfaction when it comes to delays.

Today we’re bringing you the biggest collection yet, and it includes all of our previous favorites PLUS a ton of new plugins, so if you missed out in the past on any of the Action plugins, want to see what they’re all about, or if you’ve never even heard of them before and just need some inspiring tools to take your sounds to the next level, be sure to not miss this one!

Included in this deal are TEN different plugins, so the collection covers a huge range of uses, from creative effects, mixing/mastering, reverb, distortion/saturation, and more. I think even if you own a few plugins that you think may cover the same ground, these just go a bit above-and-beyond in my opinion. For example, Action Filter can be used just like a standard filter plugin. What takes it to the next level is the automation and rhythmic possibilities (the “Action” part), which can add movement and life to even the most static sounds. You can create pulsating rhythms from your favorite pads or leads, for example. It’s all just inspiring and fun to use, instead of tedious menu diving, we have one page which has everything you need. You can use the built in sequencer in steps, draw in oscillator shapes, use basic shapes like sine, triangle, etc, or just load a preset and tweak it to your hearts content.

Check out the video for a look at my favorites!

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