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jordan rudess

[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Keyboard Legend Jordan Rudess

Here at APD, we’ve had the tremendous pleasure of interviewing keyboard legend Jordan Rudess of the prolific prog-rock band Dream Theater. Jordan is also a solo artist and works extensively with MIDI, virtual instruments, and plugins, and also as a developer of virtual instruments for the iOS platform. He was... Read More »

[LIVESTREAM] Red Room Audio Palette: Symphonic Sketchpad

Brian took Palette: Symphonic Sketchpad for a spin in this fun filled livestream below! Watch the full livestream now. Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! HOT DEALS ENDING SOON LEARN MORE LEARN MORE

REALSAMPLES Vintage Piano Bundle – Beautiful and Historical Sounds on a Budget!

This bundle contains expertly sampled instruments that you will not find anywhere else: these are historical instruments with sounds that transports you to another century. Pianoforte: This library pristinely captures the authentic and historical sounds of a fortepiano built by Johann Karl Traugott Berndt in 1848. A fortepiano is an... Read More »

Feel the MOMENTUM – Rhythmic Percussive Instruments from Impact Soundworks!

This library is the ultimate tool for creating percussive rhythms for underscore, cinematic, EDM, ambient... pretty much any genre could benefit from using these unique textures and rhythms. We have a huge variety of sounds/instruments to choose from, including: -Bass Drums -Bongos -Cajon -Djembe -Shakers -Snares -Tabla -Sticks Click... Read More »
black octopus

Hot New Products in The Shop from Black Octopus!

Calling all producers and artists: we’ve got some fresh new sounds for you, straight from the geniuses over at Black Octopus. The sounds from Black Octopus are huge hits in the hip-hop and EDM community, and also a valuable tool for producers and composers of all genres! Today we’re excited... Read More »
tomorrowland 2

[WATCH] Gain the Secret Elixir of the Stars and Journey to Tomorrowland 2!

This massive bundle (over 80 GB) consists of everything you need to make the next EDM hit. Featuring loads of artist inspired presets and sounds, these sounds will instantly add relevance and a unique signature to your latest EDM production. The sounds were inspired by the following hit EDM artists... Read More »
super 80s bundle by beatskillz

[WATCH] Checking out Beatskillz Super 80s Bundle!

Hold onto your butts – things are about to get STRANGE! Get ready to jump back in time to the 1980’s with this bundle from Beatskillz. Featuring three ultra focused synths, three drum libraries, and one effect plugin, this will definitely fulfill your need for 80s sounds, whether it be... Read More »
music box showdown

The Music Box Showdown

When you’ve been composing for a while, I’d imagine your mind would jump immediately to one of two things when you hear the words “music box.” Perhaps you’d think of a creepy, plinky-sounding horror score from a video game of your choice. Or maybe, on the other end of the... Read More »
episode 3: music composition for video games

Episode 3: Music Composition for Video Games – Battle Music RELOADED!

Today we’re going to explore and break down a track with a little more depth. This track is in the Sci-Fi/Hybrid realm, and is MUCH more advanced and complex than the first Sci Fi track, the short battle loop we looked at in Episode 2. Notice how I use long,... Read More »
composing a track via youtube

The Social Experiment – Composing a Track Via YouTube!

Brian took on the social experiment in working with YouTube viewers in the chatroom to compose this track that went in a wildly different direction towards the end. Listen to the end result below: Watch the full composition as it unfolds below Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube... Read More »