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Paddy's Percussion by Xtant Audio

Checking Out Paddy’s Irish Percussion by Xtant Audio

Paddy’s Percussion is a bundle of Irish drums (for Kontakt FULL) from Xtant Audio (the developers which gave us the excellent Dicky Deegan’s Uilleann Pipes!) It includes two instruments, a cajon and a bodhran, and they’ve each been performed by Patrick “Paddy” Broderick and extensively sampled. There are up to... Read More »

Checking Out KH_COMP1 Original Levelling Amp by Black Rooster Audio!

The KH-Comp1 is a compressor plugin from Black Rooster Audio, created in collaboration with multi-platinum, award-winning mix engineer Koen Heldens (hence the KH). Koen has worked with some of the biggest artists in the hip-hop music industry – Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Timbaland, Wiz Khalifa… the... Read More »
Extended Guitar Bundle by Edu Prado Sounds

Checking Out the Extended Guitar Bundle by Edu Prado Sounds!

The Guitar Bundle from Edu Prado contains two unique acoustic guitar libraries: Bowed Guitar and Guitarmonics, both requiring the Full Version of Kontakt to run. Each comes with 5 different articulations and 5 effects, which allows you to create some new and unusual sounds, as well as providing you with... Read More »

Checking Out Angel Strings Vol. 2 by Auddict!

Auddict’s Angel Strings Vol. 2 – Flurries gives you another irreplaceable collection of string textures that you truly will never be able to replicate with standard string libraries. Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! This collection is called Flurries, and they have really captured something special here.... Read More »

Checking Out Rootbass Bundle by Pornofonic

The Rootbass Bundle from Pornofonic utilizes a unique approach to creating bass instruments. Instead of sampling electric or acoustic basses, such as a bass guitar, they have constructed all new instruments by combining vintage analog synths, physical actuators, noise artifacts and amp/cab impulses. Click button below to subscribe to our... Read More »

Checking Out Sordina – A Muted Instrument Emulator by Librewave

Sordina is an effects plugin from LibreWave which emulates the sound of a muted instrument, so you don’t need to buy an entirely new library to get a realistic muted brass sound! If you are a brass player, you can use this plugin on your recordings as well, and get... Read More »

Checking Out Xperimenta Harpsichord – Fun to play!

The Xperimenta Harpsichord delivers a beautiful, natural, and realistic tone for musicians of all experience levels. And right now, the price is an absolute steal. The harpsichord is an early instrument, a precursor to the modern piano, but it has a very different sound. It’s much more metallic and sharp... Read More »

Checking Out the Massive Funk Bundle by UEBERSCHALL

The Massive Funk Bundle is another collection of top-notch, loop-based libraries from Ueberschall that run in the free Elastik 3 player. The bundle includes the following libraries: Funk and Soul Funk Guitar Synth Funk Late Night Session and Synthlines.   This bundle will of course focus on funky grooves, but... Read More »

Checking Out Ritual Gong Drum by Riot Audio

The Ritual Gong Drum from Riot Audio is a unique product with a very interesting backstory. The drum that was sampled for this library actually spent many, many years buried underground, then was subsequently dug up by local villagers for their own use in their rituals and ceremonies. It was… Read More »

Checking Out Tone Empire’s OptoRED!

The OptoRED is a transparent optical compressor plugin from Tone Empire, based on the hardware counterpart that has been used on countless hit records across the years. It’s been released as part of their “Enhanced Classics” series. Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! When it comes to... Read More »