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In a music-making world where you could have hundreds of plugins, it can really help to focus on only the most useful tools in your DAW. So in this video I’m going to encourage you to do some serious pruning of your plugins, samples and libraries.

Uninstalling plugins that you don’t use is essential. Open up your most recent productions, make a note of which plugins you’re using regularly and delete the rest. Then organize the remaining ones into folders in your DAW so you’re not scrolling through loads of trash to find the gold.

With samples it’s even easier. Simply search for your preferred sample format in your file browser, this would usually be .wav files. Then order the list by the day you last opened those files. There will be loads of samples that you’ve just never used, and probably never will. Be ruthless and delete these old files from your studio system. Of course, you can make a backup on an external drive or in the cloud if you want to second guess yourself.

If you cull enough, you’ll be able to quickly find the tools that really matter.

Tell us in the comments about your indispensable plugins and samples – or the things you bought and never used. For more tips and tricks don’t forget to subscribe and be sure to ring the bell to get notifications – thanks for watching.

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