UNSTRUNG: The Best Kontakt Instrument for creating Horror & Tension FX Sounds


Unstrung is one of the best Kontakt Instruments for creating horror FX and Tensions. The library has more than 800 high-quality samples that can be used with the full Kontakt 5.8 and above version.

Unstrung is now available for only $24 instead of the normal $99 until September 18th, 2022.

What makes Unstrung the best Horror and Tension FX library?

The high-quality samples, Step Sequencer, Effects, and Large preset library make Unstrung the best Kontakt library for designing Horror sounds and Tension SFX.

Unstrung consists of 3 prominent patches; Unstrung Hits, Unstrung Patterns, and Unstrung Risers.
Hits and Risers share an interactive user interface with three different layers of sound capable of loading many organic instruments. The three layers can be mixed and processed using individual Level and panning controls along with Distortion, Saturation, Reverb, and Delay effect modules to enhance the sound further.

All three patches have a master randomizer that chooses random instruments for each layer. Thanks to this unique approach to generating sound, Unstring can easily create the most daunting timbres.

Unstrung Hits comes with 80 Whoosh effects and 250 shot samples. You can load any sample in three layers. The layers also come with a randomized option to make the workflow faster. Each layer has individual dedicated ADSR control, High and Low pass filters, Tuning, and Randomize Options.

A separate Whoosh control allows users to control the filter, Level, and pitch of the Whoosh effect.
Unstrung pattern has a great in-built step sequencer. Unlike sequencers that can only play one sample at a time, Unstrung pattern’s step sequencer can play the same or different samples for each step. This opens up an endless horizon of creativity.

Furthermore, you can randomize the samples in the step sequencer from various categories of sounds. You can also play each sample layer individually to arrange your own pattern. There is also the option to randomize the pitch and pan of each step. All patches have Distortion, Delay, Reverb, and Reverse Reverb effects.

Unstrung Risers is capable of creating dynamic riser effects. Like Hits, Unstring Riser has three layers of sound, capable of loading samples with a length of 8 Bars and 120 BPM tempo. All samples are synced to tempo and have unique expressions.

There are 87 pre-made snapshots in the library along with 430+ individual Horror samples SFX.

System Requirements

  • The full version of Kontakt 5.8 and above.
  • 742 MB of free space to install the library
  • 8 GB Ram, 16 GB Recommended
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