Veevum Trilogy by Audiofier – Quick Walkthrough

veevum trilogy

Veevum Trilogy, now as a hugely discounted bundle!

These libraries are part of the Ambient Series from Audiofier, which focuses on cinematic soundscapes, and consists of the following:

Veevum 1 – deep and evolving soundscapes using sounds from a Roland S-50.
Veevum 2 (A/D) – using sounds derived from custom patches created using (A)nalog and (D)igital Synthetizers .
Veevum 3 (Real) –
Includes real instruments and acoustic sound sources to create multi-layered soundscapes.

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These libraries all share a common interface, which I like to call “The Honeycomb”, which allows you to load up to 50 different layers at a time. You can randomly generate a new batch of sounds, or select from various snapshots to get you started. There are a variety of effects to choose from, including massive convolutions and spacey delays, built in step sequencers, filters, and an amazing arpeggiator.

You can get anything from subtle pads to complex, evolving textures. If you get bored, just randomly generate a new set of sounds by hitting the dice icon, and go to town with the different layers and effects at your disposal.

Each of these libraries is incredibly deep and absolutely packed to the brim with incredible sounds and ridiculous features for the price. I am consistently blown away by the uniqueness and depth of their products, and the fact they are so packed with content while maintaining an affordable price point. If you liked the Riffendium Bundle, or enjoy unique soundscapes and playable textures, do yourself a favor and check out the Veevum bundle we have from Audiofier!


Paths 1 & 2 Bundle by Audiomodern
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