[WATCH] Massive Strings Overload – The Soundiron Ethnic Strings Bundle

soundiron ethnic bundle

This bundle is a must have for those who want both traditional ethnic instruments as well as unique and experimental textures – perfect for world music, underscore, tension/horror, and more! Included in this bundle are a whopping NINE separate instrument libraries for Kontakt (full version), which contains the following:

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  • Acoustic SazA deep sampled Turkish Baglama Saz, a traditional 5-stringed plucked instrument, all within a highly intuitive interface with unmatched control.
  • Electric SazSame engine and interface as the Acoustic Saz, but this instrument has pickups similar to a guitar and with added amp and cab sims, can achieve a more electric guitar-like sound.
  • Harp Guitar – a fully featured 30 string harp guitar library, featuring single notes played in multiple articulations, as well as glissandos, slides and percussive hits.
  • Bizarre Sitar A miniature version of a traditional Indian Sitar, this instrument features standard plucked and strummed articulations as well as a wide variety of sound design presets and a multi-layer engine.
  • Bowed Bucket A unique instrument created from attaching cello strings to a 5 gallon bucket, this has a very raw and unpolished sound.
  • Frendo – in their own words: “We created this monster by stringing bailing wire around and through steel plates and bolts, over galvanized steel piping and across wood planks. It was meant to suffer.” Frendo is a very raw and nasty sounding instrument for bowed ambience, percussive hits, and more.
  • Street Erhu – a highly detailed and somewhat raw phrase based library of unique Chinese Erhu performances.
  • Twine Bass – another custom instrument, this instrument is a combination of a modified cello and a Kenyan Bolon, with twine used for the strings and played in an upright position like a bass.
  • Zitherette – a small, 8 stringed fretless Zither.

Not only do these instruments feature standard articulations for use in any scenario where traditional ethnic instruments may be needed, they offer impressive variety with the multitude of effects and sound design capabilities. Check out the video to see how I used these to create a unique track combining Ethnic, Ambient, and Cinematic styles!

– Brian Freeland, APD


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