[WATCH] Travel the world with the Rast Sound bundle!

rast sound collection

Travel the world with the Rast Sound bundle! This bundle contains ELEVEN different Kontakt libraries (full version), covering everything from ethnic woodwind and stringed instruments, percussion, vocals, loops, phrases, designed pads and ambiences, and more!

The first thing that jumped out at me with this Rast Sound bundle, besides the sheer amount of content, was the authentic and raw sound of the samples. The sounds really transport you across the world and immerse you into a new and exciting culture, offering rich and realistic sounds and textures that are absolutely one-of-a-kind.

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Included in this bundle are the following libraries:

Atlas – this is probably the most wide-ranging library as well as the most ambitious. The GUI features a large map, and you are able to select from 14 different musical cultures that are spread across the map, bringing you authentic patterns and instruments from the selected region conveniently mapped across the keyboard (tempo-synced patterns in the lower octaves, solo instruments up top). Some of the instruments included are: SITAR, OUD, SANTOOR, SAZ, EASTERN VIOLIN, NEY, BOWL, BENDIR, DARBOUKA, DOIRO, GUIMBRI, BOIS, CALEBASSE, ACU BASS, DAFF, RIQQ, HAJOUJ, UDU, GAMELAN, RONEAT, CABASA & MORE.

Sounds of Morocco and Sounds of Cambodia: These libraries are much more focused than Atlas, but no less ambitious: these regions have a truly rich musical and cultural heritage, and instruments and vocals from these regions have never been sampled in this capacity before. Offering unique patterns and construction stems (in Sounds of Morocco), which provide an unparalleled authenticity and captures the raw performances (featuring vocals, percussion, stringed instruments, etc), to deeply sampled playable instruments, these collections are guaranteed to provide beautiful textures you might have never heard before, and broaden the musical horizons of even the most experienced composers.

Asian Colours: A textural library recorded over a period of several years in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Tibet, Japan and China. This library features male and female vocals, designed ambiences, solo instruments such as percussion and mallets, and field recordings (nature sounds, natural ambience, etc).

Balkan Vocals, Inca Spirit Vocals, and Ceremonial Vocals: Containing authentic spoken word chants, phrases, as well as melodic vocal performances.

Anatolian Percussion, Sufi Ney, Kemane String, and Kemenche: Deeply sampled, playable instruments, containing both phrases and playable instruments with multiple articulations.

Each and every one of these libraries really transported me to another world of musical possibilities, from the beautifully sampled instruments to the meditative Buddhist vocals and spoken word chants, this collection is one of the most unique and interesting releases I’ve had the pleasure of exploring lately. Just scrolling through the instruments led me to research each one, and I ended up learning a whole lot about many of these lesser known and rarely sampled instruments, which is a blessing in itself. It is almost always beneficial to expand your horizons musically, it helps me grow as both an artist and a human being! Check out some of the sounds featured here, and I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I did.


-Brian Freeland, APD


Guitarist by Sugar Bytes
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