Tell your story with Analog Tales from Karanyi Sounds!

Today we’re going to showcase Analog Tales, which is a Kontakt library (FULL version!) that features classic analog sounds with a modern twist. When you open it up, the basic interface is deceptively simple, with one big knob on the front to blend between the right and left layers (more on that later). To get a quick taste of what’s in store, simply scroll through any of the curated snapshots and play. You’ll hear that the synths bring that coveted analog sound we all know and love (along with a hefty dose of nostalgia), but the way they’re processed brings a unique flavor that makes them work in both retro and modern music.

What really makes this instrument special is the smart random functions and the super-deep tweaking options available in the advanced interface. Here you can load between a variety of sound sources, up to four at a time, and apply effects, LFOs, EQ, and more. At any time, you can shape the sound to instantly transform it from a lead, to a key, to a pad, and a pluck… all with the click of a button. Found an amazing sound, but you’d rather it be a lead (with a smooth attack and short decay) instead of a pad (longer attack, long decay and release)? Just click on the corresponding shape in the lower right corner and BOOM. You got it!

The smart random functions further expand on that “one click” mentality… you can literally randomize ANY parameter in this instrument, or a group of parameters, and the algorithm has been specifically tailored to give you not just new and unique results, but a new sound that’s highly musical and playable. You can spend hours just experimenting in most synths, which can be fun, but also tedious and time-consuming. This instrument simplifies things in a way, while still giving you the option to dive deep when needed!

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