Xmas Special Bundle with Karanyi Audio’s Synths II – Abyss and Vapor Keys!

karyanyi christmas bundle

We here at APD hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far, but we’re about to make it a bit sweeter: we have a special holiday bundle from Karanyi Audio, including Synths II – Abyss, which is the direct sequel to the incredible Synths DX, along with the syrupy sweetness of Vapor Keys!

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Synths II – Abyss is focused on the same genre and style as Synths DX, only this time, we’re focusing solely on BASS – sampled directly from classic analog hardware, including Moog and Oberheim, delivering designed bass instruments derived from some of the best sounding hardware synths on the planet. Four separate instrument categories are in this library – Glitch, Granular, Scapes, and Untouched Analog. That’s right, not only do you get expertly curated bass sounds (drones, soundscapes, pads, synths), you also get pure analog samples, just as fat and thick as the hardware they originated from. The main knob has a different function depending on which category you choose from, offering control over the amount of digitization (Glitch), granulation (Mangle), and reverb (Space).

Vapor Keys is a synth-wave dream come true, once again giving you expertly designed modern instruments for all your producing and scoring needs. This time, of course, the focus is on keys! Electric Keys, Pianos, all with the added option of using the dry source material or really exploring the sound design elements to create reverb drenched keys with underlying pads that evolve for days. Conjure up the sounds of Miami Vice, Vangelis, and the classic scores of yesteryear with this awesome collection.

Both libraries have a useful “Score EQ”, which automatically EQ’s the instruments to specifically sit under dialogue in the mix, perfect for TV, Film, and Video Game composers. Both of these libraries are very versatile, and can cover modern pop music, 80s music, a wide variety of EDM, as well as any cinematic style.

Happy Holidays!


-Brian Freeland, APD

karanyi christmas bundle


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