• Synth Modular 2 by KarmaFX

    4.6/5.0 (Total reviews: 34)

    For as low as $99.99 (instead of $199) with rewards, get Synth Modular 2, an advanced and highly flexible simulated analog modular synthesizer and effect unit by KarmaFX!

    Its amazing visual and highly intuitive user interface lets you modulate just about any knob or slider by any control signal – making the soundscape possibilities almost endless. The internal high-frequency digital simulation of analog voltage levels produces a sound quality that rivals even expensive hardware synthesizers.

    Normally $199, Synth Modular 2 is now available for only $99.99 (you save $100) with your rewards, don’t miss out!

    current price 199.99 base price 99.99
KarmaFX was founded in 1998 by Kasper Nielsen, and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
KarmaFX is a company that offers high quality, virtual instrument & effect plugins VST/AU for PC and Mac. We aim to produce inexpensive and easy-to-use audio plugins that meet the demands of professional musicians as well as hobbyists. All KarmaFX VST plugins work in VST compatible host applications on PC/Windows. KarmaFX Synth Modular 2 is also available as Audio Unit and VST for Mac/OS X.
Development of our award-winning modular synthesizer, KarmaFX Synth Modular, started as a hobby project back in 1998. At that time it wasn't just a synth, but a standalone application for music-making. It included a sequencer, a tracker, an effect rack, and - of course - a software synthesizer. It was used to produce tracks as early as 1999.