• Floppytron + Expansion by SAMPLESO

    4.3/5.0 (Total reviews: 59)

    For as low as $9.99 (instead of $54.99) with your rewards, get FLOPPYTRON + Expansion, a truly unique and special instrument from SAMPLESO!

    The Floppytron was inspired by YouTube videos featuring floppy drives playing classic tunes from movies and video games.

    This basic yet complicated concept lead the SAMPLESO team to create an instrument unlike anything else we’ve ever seen before, including some features that are guaranteed to upgrade your productions, and spark your creativity.

    Originally $54.99, FLOPPYTRON + Expansion is now available for as low as $9.99 with your rewards for a limited time only, don’t miss out!

    NOTE: Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or later!

    current price 54.99 base price 9.99
Sampleso is a small & boutique recording and programming group that specialized in making inspiring and unique samples. Their products deliver more for your investment than you'll find anywhere else, with powerful programming features, user flexibility, unlocked sample content, bonus elements, innovative custom presets, rare instruments and unique audio concoctions.unique Kontakt Libraries & Ableton Live.