MKSensation by Gospel Musicians

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The crux of MKSensation is to bring back the sound of the 80’s by emulating the classic MKS-20 piano module. Originally $149.99 but now available for as low as $79.99 using your rewards money.

MKSensation is compatible with both the FREE Kontakt player as well as the FULL version of Kontakt.

retail price 149.99
current price $79.99

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Overview: Products Included

The sounds were programmed from a real MK-20 right in our own studios through top Apogee converters and our #1 Goal was to make sure it sounded exactly like the real Roland MKS-20 module. Best of all we sampled all of the sounds, so you get the harpsichord, clav, and the xylophone!

$129.99 Value


key Features

  • Sample Size – 23GB (4.5GB Compressed)
  • EP 1: 16-Layers (w/ Chorus from MKS-20 Module)
  • EP 2: 16-Layers (w/ Chorus from MKS-20 Module)
  • Vibraphone: 6-Layers (w/ Chorus from MKS-20 Module)
  • Harpsichord: 6-Layers
  • Piano 1: 12-Layers
  • Piano 2: 12-Layers
  • Piano 3: 6-Layers
  • Clavi: 6-Layers
  • o1W Dyno (Emulation): 12-Layers
  • S-700 Acoustic Piano (Emulation) : 3-Layers
  • Bells: 1-Layer
  • Synth: 1-Layer
  • Brass: 1-Layer
  • Warm Pad: 1-Layer
  • Strings: 1-Layer
  • TX816 EP: 12-Layers
  • Compatible with the Free Kontakt Player and Kontakt FULL


retail price 149.99
current price $79.99