Pure Synth® Platinum 2 by Gospel Musicians

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Pure Synth Platinum (PSP) is a software based ROMpler and synthesis library that has the bread-and-butter samples of a traditional hardware keyboard, combined with the synthesis techniques available in the most complex of digital and analog synthesizers.

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Have you ever wondered why you could never find a software synthesizer that is as good sounding and flexible as the hardware synthesizer/keyboards such as a Motif, Fantom, or Kronos? Have you ever wished you could just pull up an array of patches and sounds just like you would with your hardware keyboard or synth? Remember the old days when a synth or keyboard had a ton of sounds that did not sound super realistic, but had a ton of character, expressiveness, and was just down right fun to play? Well, this is what Pure Synth Platinum is!

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key Features

  • 5.2GB (uncompressed) Samples
  • 2.1 GB FLAC Losses Compression (HQ)
  • 514 Presets (More Presets to come)
  • 6,232 Multi-Samples
  • 328 Individual Sample Waveforms used for oscillators
  • Over 1,600 Wavetables with PWM
  • Over 30 Different effects per oscillator
  • Analog Synthesizer with PWM and Sync
  • 8-Oscillator Superwave for phat stacked synths
  • Transient Drum Synth for drum and/or transient sounds
  • FM Synthesizer with 6-Operators
  • Dedicated Sub Oscillator
  • White Noise Generator with 11 different generators
  • ASR-10/DP4 Warm Reverb Emulations
  • 2-Filters per Oscillator with over 50 different filter choices
  • Classic Oberheim Xpander Filter emulations with 37 modes
  •  2-LFO’s per Oscillator (LFO 2 to modulate Sync, PWM, and FM parameters
  • Arp/Gate per Oscillator for Complex Sequences

    and FM parameters


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