Free Gift of the Month: Pripyat by Mntra Instruments – FREE WITH EVERY DEAL PURCHASE ($29 value)!

MNTRA Instruments presents Pripyat – 100% FREE with any Deal purchase for the month of July! These soundscapes are sure to add a new dimension to your palette — inspiring you and breathing new life into your music.

Pripyat is MNTRA Instruments’ first foray into the world of synthetic textures, funnelled through their idiosyncratic approach to sampling and sound design.

With a focus on the cold and industrial character of some of their favourite synth heavy scores, the MNTRA team derived the main source material from electromagnetic interference recorded at an electrical substation and unstable vintage analog synths processed by custom-made guitar pedals and eurorack modular.

This instrument normally retails for $29, but now available FREE if you purchase any active APD deal.

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