Checking Out Sequel 2 – A Vintage Sounding Drum Machine from Beatskillz

Sequel 2 by Beatskillz

If you’re looking for a vintage-sounding drum machine… look no further!

The vintage and drive controls help to create this, along with 600+ samples and over 150 patterns to mix up!

This sequencer has so much flexibility to ensure you can really tweak your percussion to fit your project. There are plenty of editing features such as filters, pitch, pan, release, and a reverse button to change your samples even more.

There is also an upload function to use your own samples in the sequencer. You can also process your sounds using the multi-output for each sample pad to your daw channels and use your plugin collection. Assign any pad to any MIDI Keynote on a keyboard or controller.
Along with a 32-step sequencer to allow for plenty of pattern creation.

The Drum Kit Library included is also organized by vintage machines, processed kits, and as single category hits like kick, snare, hats, etc. This makes it easy to access these beautiful sounds and quickly get a beat going effortlessly, so you can produce and compose faster.

This is like having all the famous vintage drum machines in one box, at your finger tips, without the exorbitant prices they go at today.

Get Sequel 2 now at 81% off before the promo expires.

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