Across the Globe with Deep India by Black Octopus!

Deep India by Black Octopus

Black Octopus sound are taking you for a journey into the deeper side of Indian grooves with with a brand new sound pack available. Focusing on authentic Indian sounds while maintaining a modern EDM vibe.

Offering up tons of loops in 105, 110, 115, and 120 BPM, this pack uses authentic Indian percussion to achieve a unique and detailed sound that normal drum packs won’t cover. Using hand percussion, tablas, mridangam, dholaks, and more, you’ll achieve a unique sound palette and textures that are ready to be placed into any chart topping EDM track. You’ll instantly recognize the Indian vibe, yet the nature of the loops and rhythms make them relevant for any modern genre you focus on, from Trap and House to Cinematic and Ambient music.

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Included are ensemble loops with all the instruments playing together, as well as single loops which isolate each instrument one at a time, so you can build your own rhythmic percussive suites using the drum samples provided. There are also one-shots and unique vocal loops!

Check out the sounds in the video and stop by the shop today!

-Brian Freeland, APD

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