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Audiofier Synth Bundle

Checking Out the Audiofier Synth Bundle!

The latest bundle from Audiofier contains Sequi2r EX (with all the expansions!) and Sequi2r Synth, two sequence based libraries for Kontakt (FULL version required). Both of these libraries have nearly identical controls, so once you learn how to use one, you will feel right at home with the other. Sequi2r... Read More »

Checking Out Shapiro 2 by Channel Robot!

Shapiro 2 is a VST synth from Channel Robot which features 8 oscillators and aims to provide a totally new way to manipulate sound, helping you to stand out from the crowd! There are a variety of presets to choose from, including pads, keys, leads, effects, arps, basses, and more,... Read More »
Ascension + Expansions by WA Production

Checking Out Ascension + Expansions by WA Production!

Ascension is a VST synth plugin and rompler collaboration between EDM masters WA Productions and Cubic Audio, and ,quite frankly, it contains everything you need to produce a finished track from scratch using just ONE plugin. Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! Ascension has 4 oscillators which... Read More »

Checking Out Lyric Series String Quintet by Kirk Hunter Studios

The Lyric Series String Quintet from Kirk Hunter Studios is a library focused on getting great results quickly, with super low resource consumption, an intuitive interface and unparalleled playability. Featuring five instruments: two violins, two cellos, and one viola, the focus of this library is to provide an all-in-one, easy... Read More »
Sampletekk Emotional Piano Bundle

SampleTekk Emotional Piano Bundle – Pianos that would make a Vulcan smile

Love or hate them; emotions are a part of the human experience. On any given day, you might super excited one minute and then at a moment’s notice have your heart sinks at possibilities of bad news and then right back up again. Emotions help us cope with all of... Read More »
Opacity II by Audiomodern

Checking Out Opacity II by Audiomodern

Opacity II is the sequel to the hit library Opacity from Audiomodern, featuring beautifully recorded ambient guitar chords, swells, phrases, and more! Every recording was performed by guitarist/composer John Hodges of Terra Grande, and the library is insanely simple to use. There are multiple “sessions” which each feature multiple chords,... Read More »

Checking Out Celestial Voices – Calypso by Auddict

Celestial Voices - Calypso by Auddict is a beautiful and versatile female vocal sample library for Kontakt (FULL version required). The library includes true legato and multiple vowels (Mm, Ah, Eh, Ee, Oh)  and even multiple consonant sounds for a unique, true-to-life performance every time. Click button below to subscribe... Read More »
16 Bit Toolkit by Simple Samples Audio

Checking Out the 16-bit Toolkit Bundle by Simple Samples Audio

Calling all video game enthusiasts and composers! We’re excited to announce our latest deal from Simple Samples Audio, the 16 Bit Toolkit Bundle! This bundle requires the full version of Kontakt and contains the Beard Blade Toolkit and the Monster Sanctuary Toolkit. Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube... Read More »
sampletraxx horror bundle

Checking Out the Sampletraxx Horror Bundle

Sampletraxx is back with another bundle full of mind blowing sounds, perfect for trailers, action and horror music, EDM, and more! Clockworks is a library of designed ticking clock sounds, which is a very popular trend both in trailer music, and in action/hybrid music in general (thanks to Hans Zimmer... Read More »
Morphestra 2 for Kontakt Retail by Sample Logic

Checking Out Morphestra 2 for Kontakt Retail by Sample Logic

Morphestra 2, a massive library from acclaimed developer Sample Logic, has just been re-released for the Full version of Kontakt, meaning owners of Kontakt Full can get this incredible library for an even lower price. Same amazing instrument, new low price! Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel!... Read More »