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palette bundle

Deal Overview – Palette Bundle by Red Room Audio

Presenting the Palette Orchestral Bundle from Red Room Audio: 58gb of incredible orchestral content, covering everything from pre orchestrated ensembles and instrument combos, expressive solo instruments, realistic runs and arpeggios, and spine-chilling effects. This is a must have for any composer who wants to focus on cinematic orchestral music for... Read More »
waterharp 2 & thunder springs by sample logic

Get Ready for Some Heavy Metal with Waterharp 2 & Thunder Springs from Sample Logic!

This deal is a great choice for cinematic composers, trailer music, and  EDM producers. We have 2 huge libraries that contain a massive amount and variety of content. Waterharp 2 is a library built on samples of a waterharp, or waterphone, which is a unique and amazing instrument that you... Read More »

Presenting the VLA-FET (Vintage Leveling Amplifier) from Black Rooster Audio

Presenting the VLA-FET (Vintage Leveling Amplifier) from Black Rooster Audio – Now $34.99, discounted from $99.99! This is a plugin inspired by legendary audio hardware units of the past, now available right in your DAW for all of your mixing needs! Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel!... Read More »
Mantra by W.A. Production - FREE Download

Mantra by W.A. Production – FREE DOWNLOAD!

From 11th -24th  of March you can get a free copy of W.A. Production’s awesome sample pack MANTRA. This includes 8 GBs of EDM content infused with an Oriental and Arabic twist. This sample pack is a bundle of 3 sample packs including: MANTRA- Drums and FX MANTRA – Vocals... Read More »
APD Rating System

Exciting Announcement for the APD Shop!

We’re really excited to share a new feature we’ve been working on: a new RATINGS SYSTEM for every product available in our shop. I know it can be overwhelming to sort through the many amazing products we offer, and hopefully this will offer some clarity on how much each product... Read More »
Eventide Mixing Bundle

Don’t Miss These Incredible Savings From Eventide with the Eventide Mixing Bundle!

This bundle includes THREE amazing plugins from one of the best companies around, Eventide! The H3000 Band Delays is a creative effects powerhouse that is derived from the classic H3000 Harmonizer rack-mount processor. From standard delays and frequency automation to insane and extreme pitch shifting and experimental effects, this plugin... Read More »
how to master trap hi hat patterns

How to Master Trap Hi-Hat Patterns

From the radio to the cinema, trap style Hi-Hats seem to be everywhere. As such, having the skill to create these Hi Hat patterns will serve you well (even if you don’t make trap music). Considering this, I thought it would be worthwhile going over some easy patterns to help... Read More »
waldorf edition 2 le

Freebie Alert! Get the Waldorf Edition 2 (LE Version) for FREE!

This includes the vintage synthesizer plugin PPG Wave 2V, the percussion synthesizer Attack, and the creative filter plugin D-Pole. Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! PPG Wave is an emulation of the classic 1982 PPG Wave synthesizers, a retro wavetable synth that combines the best of analog... Read More »

Available Now: Two Powerhouse Plugins from Boz Digital Labs!

This shop bundle contains the Imperial Delay and Manic Compressor from Boz Digital, which are some of my new favorite creative effects plugins! Much more than a standard delay and compressor, these plugins can take your tracks to new heights. The Imperial Delay has surprisingly creative delays and multi effects,... Read More »

Exciting Hybrid Sounds from Pulsesetter Sounds – Epic Babies and Pulsor for Kontakt

Get the latest exciting hybrid sounds from Pulsesetter Sounds at a ridiculously low price! Limited time offer, so do not miss this! If you haven’t heard of Pulsesetter Sounds, they’ve been taking the market by storm with their incredibly creative and high-quality sample libraries for hybrid, trailer, and action music... Read More »