[BRAND NEW RELEASE] Bowed Guitar Clouds by Riot Audio

Riot Audio Bowed Guitar Clouds

Bowed Guitar Clouds is a BRAND NEW library from our friends at Riot Audio! I know a lot of you really loved the last library of theirs that we covered, Bowed Glass Clouds, as we had a lot of fun with you all creating music with it in our livestream. Now we revisit that winning formula, except this time, we’ve got … you guessed it… Bowed Guitars!

Now, I personally love all kinds of bowed instruments, but bowed guitars are certainly create some of the richest and most unique sounds and atmospheres out of them all. Riot Audio used four separate instruments this time to create the various sounds, which include the following: Semi Hollowbody Electric, Acoustic, Semi Acoustic Bass, and a Braguinha, which is a small Portuguese guitar-like instrument with only four strings (had to Google that one!).

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Not only do we have these four unique instruments, we have multiple snapshots, or presets, to choose from. The instrument looks fairly simple on the surface, but don’t let that deceive you: there are huge possibilities for creating new and evolving sounds, thanks to the unique engine. Each snapshot is made of up layer A and layer B. Each of these contain a slightly different sound, and you can morph between them on the fly, or using automation, for a deep, constantly evolving sound. Not only that, but each layer, is actually made up of TWO layers. Layer A has 2 sub-layers, and layer B has the same. That’s four unique sound sources playing at once, able to morph and fade between them as you see fit (using the “X-Fade” control and the “Amount” knob in the morphing section of each layer).

To add even more variation, each note plays three octaves: the standard octave of the note you are playing, and one octave above or below the played note. That’s a total of 12 different sound sources, all able to play at the same time, or giving you the ability to constantly morph between each of these sounds, which means you have an endlessly unique, constantly evolving pad. These instruments are perfect for cinematic music, ambient, electronic, pretty much any genre that could use some beautiful soundscapes.

Bowed Guitar Clouds is the latest release from Riot Audio, available at the lowest price exclusively at Audio Plugin Deals. Don’t miss out! If you enjoyed Bowed Glass Clouds, I guarantee you will love Bowed Guitar Clouds! It takes everything to a new level and is a truly beautiful, atmospheric and versatile instrument.

-Brian Freeland, APD

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