Checking Out Aviram Dayan Production’s Harp Guitar!

What exactly is a harp guitar, you may ask? It’s a unique and truly beautiful instrument, and it may sound strange at first, but it’s actually named quite appropriately. The instrument resembles a guitar, except equipped with a double neck – the neck furthest from you is fretted, and functions just as a standard acoustic guitar with 6 strings. The neck closest to you has no frets, is usually slightly bowed, and houses strings that are unstopped, meaning they continue to ring out and each string only plays one pitch at a time, just like… a harp!

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Aviram Dayan’s Harp Guitar is a Kontakt (FULL version) library that delivers the incredible sound of this unique instrument directly to your DAW. Sample with care to provide unparalleled realism and authenticity, you can hear every detail from the fingers scraping across the strings to the pluck of each individual note.

In one library you get NINE completely different instruments, easily selected in the GUI or by keyswitches. Some sound more warm and harp-like, others more bright which resemble a steel string acoustic guitar, but they each offer a totally unique sound and flavor you won’t find anywhere else. Check the video to see exactly what you can do with this library!

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