Checking Out the Black Octopus Vocal Atmospheres Bundle!

Vocal Atmospheres Bundle by Black Octopus Sound

The Black Octopus Vocal Atmosphere bundle contains three separate sound packs from Black Octopus. You get Vocal Atmospheres from Christina Soto, Holly Drummond, and Cory Friesenhan, giving you a wide variety of textures, tones, sounds, and styles!

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The vocal packs are split into categories, and you have multiple different harmonies to pick from in a huge variety of scales/keys and BPM ranges. You’ll be able to load in the entire 2, 3, or 4 part harmony, of you can load in individual stems (just the high notes, just the mid notes, just the bass notes, etc), and each stem is available wet or dry.

The “huge textures” and swells are also incredible, and can work in any style of music. While initially aimed at trance, EDM, pop, and ambient music, some of the textures and swells will work beautifully in cinematic music or for trailers. Check out the video to hear it in action!

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