Checking Out the Massive Alternative Rock Bundle by UEBERSCHALL!

We’re coming at you with a HUGE Alternative Rock Bundle from Ueberschall! These loop based libraries will run in the free Elastik 3 sampler, so no Kontakt required! 

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This bundle is a cornucopia of alternative rock and indie sounds, from clean indie pop to cheesy glam metal, you get a ton of content with this one.

Each library comes with a variety of different “themes” or songs, broken down into intros, verses, chorus, outros, bridges, etc.

You can drag and drop different loops down onto the keyboard in the interface, and then trigger that loop within your DAW’s piano roll, or by holding the newly assigned key on your physical MIDI keyboard.

If you just want the guitars, basses, or drums, or any individual instrument track from any of the “themes” or full mixes, no problem!

Each layer can be played back individually, often with the option to have the loop dry (no fx) or wet. In the video we will run down some of the different styles contained in the bundle, as well as lightly touch on how to use the Elastik player.

From emotional indie rock, aggressive punk, polished 80s glam metal and even beautiful 12 string electric guitar riffs, this has something for everyone and a guaranteed win for the rock fans!

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