In Depth – Virtuoso Ensembles by Kirk Hunter

virtuoso ensembles by kirk hunter studios

Virtuoso Ensembles by Kirk Hunter is an orchestral sample library including strings, brass, woodwinds, drums & percussion, a grand piano and a bonus choir. Virtuoso Ensembles requires  the FULL retail version of Kontakt only !

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Whether you need to sketch ideas quickly, play live orchestral ensembles, or do more in-depth scoring with individual patches & articulations, Virtuoso Ensembles got you covered. The library is a 2Go+ download making it easy to transfer the library from one computer to the other, playing live and score soundtracks anywhere you go.

The ensembles and individual patches can be played polyphonically or legato. The library also features many Multis that can be used to get your ideas down quickly and work on a schedule.

The library features a great number of articulations that cover the basics of orchestral scoring but also variations of different articulations such as soft and med tongue, sforzando, marcato and marcato poco for more control.

Mix your own ensembles with the dedicated volume and pan controls, play them across the keyboard with the range sliders and place them into a room with the dedicated reverb and distance parameters.

Virtuoso Ensembles is a great solution for the musician on-the-go, the composer working on a budget and deadline, the producer that needs to fit orchestral sounds with ease in a recording and anyone looking to have a great sounding orchestral package that will help them sketch ideas efficiently.

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