Introducing FELICITY by Rigid Audio!


Special deal from Rigid AudioFelicity, a wavetable based synth for Kontakt FULL, for only $4!

Featuring 300 presets focused on atmospheres, pads, soundscapes, analog style leads, and unique textures, Felicity offers huge sounds for a super low price. Great for producers and composers of all genres, this is especially great for trailers, action, video games, hybrid scores, and pop/EDM productions.

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This library requires the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 6 to run. It features production ready effects, filters, reverbs, and saturation, as well as the “FLAIR” effects panel with a variety of tuned delays to add an old school or modern touch to your sounds in an instant. This plugin can easily channel something classic like the Blade Runner score, or you can use it in the next chart topping hit, it’s versatile and fun to use, and it’s only FOUR BUCKS! Check out the video to see how you can use it to create anything from warm pads to gritty distorted risers and ambient plucks.

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