[Video Review] Lyrical Cello Phrases by SONUSCORE!

lyrical cello phrases by sonuscore

The Sonuscore Lyrical Cello Phrases library is a fantastic collection of inspiring orchestral cello phrases. The library captures real performances by cellist Mátyás Ölveti, who has performed on the score for the popular video game series The Elder Scrolls Online. The library captures all the nuance and intricacies that only come with a real live human performance.

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There are many full phrases captured in a variety of scales and styles, and each style allows you to select the root note, or key, that you’d like it to be played in. This gives you a high level of flexibility that some phrase libraries don’t offer. The recordings themselves are detailed, emotional, and very convincing.

Phrase libraries like these are great when you’re on a deadline, and need something that just works instantly. They include longer phrases (over 10 seconds), and also smaller segments of the longer phrases mapped to different areas of the keyboard, so you can mix and match and experiment with what sounds best for your needs.

The library is also an instant source of inspiration if you ever get stuck with writing melodies for your tracks. Not only do you get a great variety of phrases, styles, and scales in any key, but this library also has an amazing legato patch, which is a nice touch to include in a phrase based library.

This library sounds and performs great all around and offers a serious value with the amount of content included (even better when you lower the price with your rewards points!)

-Brian Freeland, APD

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