[WATCH] Aviram Arabic Strings – Quick Walkthrough

aviram arabic strings

Arabic Strings, by Aviram Dayan, is a beautiful and authentic string library created specifically to capture the unique sound and performance of Arabian themed music. There really is no other library quite like this on the market today. It offers 18 different keyswitchable articulations, many with multiple playing styles/techniques, all controllable by the position of the mod wheel, or CC01.

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The unique flavor of this library is apparent the moment you load up the instrument and play a note. This is not your ordinary orchestral string library, but a meticulously crafted and recorded collection of instruments and playing styles relevant to Arabian and Middle Eastern music. Every sample is dripping with authenticity and instantly transports you to a new world of musical possibilities. The articulations include two types of legato, sustains, spiccatos, staccato and pizzicato, as well as runs, scales, accents, and a myriad of unique performance based articulations to really spice up your tracks. I was thoroughly impressed with the variety and the authenticity of the samples contained in this collection.

Also included is a sequencer/arpeggiator as well as built in reverb and delay. The developer also continues to improve and update this library, with a new version releasing soon, according to the official website. If you write any kind of ethnic/world music, and have been frustrated with finding the perfect string library for Arabic and Middle Eastern sounds, I can guarantee that you’ve found it with Arabic Strings. This would also be a worthy addition for any composer looking to add a unique sound to any of your current or future compositions.

-Brian Freeland, APD

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