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[WATCH] Checking Out The Sonuscore Bundle!

[WATCH] Checking Out The Sonuscore Bundle!


The Sonuscore Bundle includes three amazing libraries at an incredible low price. When purchased as a bundle, you get 72% off the entire collection! If purchased individually, you get each library for 50% off.

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Lyrical Cello Phrases is a beautifully detailed library featuring cello phrases performed by Mátyás Ölveti (The Elder Scrolls Online). The phrases come in various styles and scales, and can be played in any key you desire. The performances are full of realism and add a human quality that you will not find when programming your own melodies via MIDI. Not only does this library include a wide variety of beautiful phrases, but it also includes an exceptional legato patch featuring both fast and slow legato styles.

Origins Vol. 1 is a very unique library, combining samples of both a steel tongue drum and a sansula, which is a fairly rare instrument similar to a kalimba, often referred to as a thumb piano. These instruments have a very magical, almost innocent quality to them, and feature a beautifully resonant sound. You can play each instrument individually, combine them both to be played at the same time, and it also features a variety of presets including different arpeggios and a “color” option which drastically changes the sound of the instrument by adjusting the reverb/room size along with various effects. The tonal options are all adjustable via the GUI and built in sequencers and effects engines for each instrument.

Trinity Drums is a large, loop based collection of cinematic and modern drums. The patterns included cover everything from natural, traditional percussion, to massive and epic ensembles, and all the way to more modern and aggressive electronic styles. All patterns are tempo synced to your DAW, and include both 4/4 time signatures as well as more odd time signatures. The samples sound fantastic right out of the box, ready to be dropped directly into a track for instant inspiration. The wide variety ensures that this library will apply to traditional cinematic music, modern trailer music, as well as EDM and aggressive, industrial styles.

Each library offers something unique and when purchased as a bundle, provides amazing variety and value to almost any composer, no matter the genre you focus on. Don’t miss this bundle, available exclusively from Audio Plugin Deals!

In this bundle we had

Lyrical Cello Phrases: You can still get a great bargain with your reward points.

Origins volume 1: Still available with some discount over in the shop.

Trinity Drums: A great deal still available.

There is also a full review of Lyrical Cello here

-Brian @ APD

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    [WATCH] Checking Out The Sonuscore Bundle!

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