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cohesion by audio plugin deals

[WATCH] Announcing the first official release from Audio Plugin Deals – Cohesion!

Cohesion is a massive collection of 11,600 tempo synced loops in multiple genres, featuring a plethora of instruments and musical styles to choose from. Making high quality music has never been easier! Cohesion captures authentic performances with a variety of instruments, including: Acoustic and Electric Guitar Cello Eastern Percussion Electric... Read More »

[WATCH] Reforged by Impact Soundworks – Quick Look

Metallic percussion samples are a staple in any cinematic composer’s percussive toolkit. Today, we dive into Reforged, a percussion sample library produced by Impact Soundworks. This particular library features a collection of organic metal samples, all recorded in the Welsh countryside. It also comes with an extensive range of sound... Read More »

Mix smarter with the brand new smart:comp by Sonible!

Sonible once again unleashes a game changing plugin on the masses. They’ve already tackled EQ’s with incredibly useful plugins such as frei:raum and the updated smart:eq 2, and this time they’ve got their eye on a new target: the compressor! Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! Many... Read More »
tvbo piano

[WATCH] Play us a song, piano man – TVBO Studio Grand Piano Walkthrough

The TVBO Studio Grand Piano is an impeccable Kontakt library by Sampletekk. Please note: this library does require the full version of Kontakt, as opposed to the free Konkakt Player. The recordings of the piano took place at OAL studios in Stockholm, Sweden The grand piano sampled here is the... Read More »
klusterkitt bundle

Get freaky with the Klusterkitt Bundle by Pornofonic!

The Klusterkitt Bundle contains three separate electronic drum libraries for Kontakt (full version). These libraries are a TON of fun, and are the perfect addition to any composer’s or producer’s arsenal when it comes to rhythmic percussion. Each library uses a similar GUI, each with their own set of kits/samples,... Read More »