Etherealwinds Harp II by Versilian Studios

4.2/5.0 (Total reviews: 56)

Etherealwinds Harp II contains a full range of articulations including standard and stopped plucks, pres de la table, muted plucks, glisses, and tons of extended techniques, all sampled chromatically on a new 34-string lever harp with a gorgeous tone at up to 4 round robins and 3 velocity layers in full 48/24 quality.

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Overview: Products Included

Etherealwinds Harp II is a fully chromatically sampled 34-string lever harp. Each note is sampled with 3 velocity layers and up to 4 round robins.


In addition to the harp, a full chromatically sampled vocal library with two octaves of common syllables and 240 individual phrases is also included! A grand total of 3,200 samples.


All samples are 48 kHz / 24 bit, and the total package installs at 3.8GB. This product requires the full retail version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher

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key Features

  • 3.8 GB of HDD space (+3.5 GB for installation files)
  • 34-string lever harp performed by harpist Etherealwinds.
  • Chromatically sampled at up to 3 velocity layers and 4 round robins in full 48/24 quality; 3,200 samples in total.
  • Includes normal plucks, pres de la table, muted plucks, pre-recorded glissandi, and effects, with natural hand-muting available.
  • A variety of custom snapshots, from concert halls to surreal worlds.
  • Bonus Content: Chromatically sampled two-octave tenor voice, plus 240 individual vocal phrases.
  • Kontakt FULL 5.6.8+ required


current price $59.00 base price 14.99